Best Practices for Data Lake – Who's Using It and How Can You Get the Most Value from It?

Featuring executives from Attunity, Teradata and Hortonworks

Data lakes are a hot topic, but beyond the hype it’s important to discover answers to who’s actually using them and if they are creating value. To understand the adoption and maturity of Data Lakes, Attunity, Hortonworks, and Teradata sponsored research to uncover key trends. The research surveyed 385 IT practitioners and stakeholders at organizations across industries and focused on key areas of concern and interest in Data Lake adoption.

This on-demand webinar discusses the research findings including:

  • The two biggest data lake adoption issues as experienced by surveyed companies
  • Common use cases for Data Lakes in top companies, and which ones drive the most value
  • Rethinking how data is used across your organization to break down silos
  • Data lake best practices and pitfalls—what works and what does not
  • How business leaders are gaining C-Suite buy-in for data lake projects

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